OMEGA 1300

  • OMEGAcompound is a hot melt coating & converting equipment to meet the needs of a variety of different applications, can be different coating amount and coating viscosity, can be full-coated and partially coated. It is mainly used in consumer labels and technical tape; Can be used on liner less paper and composite materials. The combined use of OMEGA and ALPHA silicon coating lines enables the connection of production paper labels and film labels, which not only increases efficiency , innovates craftsmanship and saves materials, but also is the preferred equipment for printing companies.
  • Diversity CoatingUnique modular coating unit design, high precision coating head, making the minimum consumption of hot melt adhesive, you can choose different slit or scratch free bar coating head, acrylic-based pressure-sensitive hot melt UV curing system.
  • Efficient and sustainableSelf-designed automation system, regular preheating hot melt adhesive box and coating head, mobile APP real-time monitoring of machine running status.

(The unwinding with shear-plate is unstopped which the structure is stable and reliable. With closed-loop tension control and automatic winding diameter calculation, unmanned roll change is realized. )


(Freely switch 3" and 6" air-up shafts and the shear-plate non-stop structure realizes automatic cutting of preset length.)

Coating Station

(Modular designed precision coating station)

Support smart mobile operation

(Remotely access and monitor production efficiency and reduce management costs. At the same time, the client can generate production report automatically.)

Simple operation

(A human-machine interactive interface that displays all data information of the machine.)

  • Intelligent human machine interface operation:

  • Automatic coating and glue supply function
  • Intelligent glue heating function
  • Precise coating function
  • High plasticity equipment:

  • Various non-stop winding Diameter
  • Weight of coating module optional
  • Automatic humidification hydration module
  • Quality and reliability:

  • Always excellent quality
  • Reliability with high quality
  • Operational simplicity redefined:

  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance of mobile phones
  • Provide lifetime upgrade service

Max Feed Width (mm)
Max Coating Width (mm)
Max Unwinding Diameter (mm)
Max Machine Speed (m/min)
Max Winding Diameter (mm)
Coating Weight Range (gsm)

The solution

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